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Clean Energy is Bringing Manufacturing to Townsville

Townsville is the sunniest city on Queensland’s coast. Its impressive solar and wind resources, and location, mean there’s nowhere better to build new manufacturing and export industries that can power the economy now and into the future. 

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, senior economists are calling for Australia to embrace renewable energy manufacturing to provide much-needed employment. We should be using our incredible renewable energy advantage to create cheap electricity that can then be used to process minerals here – instead of having the ore shipped overseas for processing. Likewise, we can build a new industry manufacturing renewable energy components because many of the minerals are mined here in Australia. 

Already businesses all over—from shopping centres, local businesses, and even large industrial energy users—are turning to renewables backed by storage to safeguard themselves against rising power prices and keep their operations competitive.

Below are three examples of how renewable energy is already creating new jobs and turbo-charging Queensland’s economy. 

Sun Metals – using cheap energy to power Townsville’s zinc refinery. 

A $200 million solar farm at the site of Sun Metals’ Townsville zinc refinery is providing cheap electricity to the facility, helping to keep their operations competitive. The refinery already employs over 350 staff members, mostly from the local community, and an extra 100 ongoing jobs are being created as the plant expands.

The $300 million expansion will see zinc production increase from approximately 225,000 tonnes per year to 270,000. Investing in affordable renewable energy is a key piece of the puzzle that has made the expansion possible. 

“For Sun Metals, wind and solar generation offer the most competitive power prices,” said Sun Metals’ former CEO, Yun Choi.

Sun Metals' Solar Farm
Source: Reneweconomy.


Imperium3 – bringing advanced battery manufacturing to Townsville. 

Plans for a $3 billion battery manufacturing plant in Townsville are moving ahead as Australia and the rest of the world make the switch to renewable energy backed by storage.

Construction will likely begin in the second half of 2020 and the 18GWh lithium-ion battery factory is expected to create 1,150 direct jobs when in full operation. The manufacturing plant is being proposed by a consortium of Australian and American companies, who recently submitted a feasibility study to the Queensland Government. 

Clean energy manufacturing can help future-proof jobs in Queensland’s regions, and provide a well-paid alternative for workers transitioning out of traditional industries. The Imperium3 consortium is also consulting with James Cook University about education and training for the plant – helping to provide more opportunities for young people living in Townsville.


Renewable hydrogen – exporting Queensland’s world-class sunshine to the world. 

Australia has some of the world’s best solar and wind resources so, as the world moves towards a low-emissions future, we are well-placed to utilise our natural clean energy assets to begin exporting our sunshine to the world. Hydrogen fuel can be created from 100% renewable sources, shipped overseas, and then used to create electricity – and clean water is the only bi-product of the process.

According to CSIRO: Capitalising on this growing demand for hydrogen could result in an export industry worth $1.7 billion by 2030, and could provide 2,800 jobs. Most of the jobs created by this new industry are likely to be in regional areas.”

Ross River solar farm

Ross River Solar Farm

For Australia to make the most of this emerging technology, we could go 700% renewable: creating enough clean energy to power our country, export renewable hydrogen overseas, and have enough left over to store for a rainy day. Port cities like Gladstone and Townsville are situated in prime locations to make the most of this clean hydrogen boom and could cash in on the resulting jobs and investment.

So what are we waiting for? Sign the petition to remove the roadblocks stalling Queensland’s renewable energy future.